The Lost City of Z

Book Review


  1. Why was Percy the first explorer to truly immerse himself in this exploration? He took a different exploration path than Alexander Hamilton Rice who was also in search of the lost city and civilization. What was it specifically that made Fawcett a different explorer?
  2. What inspired Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett’s obsessive search for Z…what evidence led him to believe the city was more than legend?

  3. How does Grann portray Fawcett? What kind of a man was he? Would you describe him as a victim of his own obsession…as a romantic…a fool bent on his own destruction…a rational man of science…?

  4. What are some of the legends that have surrounded Fawcett himself? To what do you attribute his place in popular culture over the years—and what does it say, both about Fawcett and ourselves, that he has maintained a hold on our collective imagination?

  5. What draws David Grann into the search for Fawcett—what initially sparks the author’s fascination? Consider Grann’s own difficulty in the Amazon, especially for a man who delights in air conditioning and fast food. Finally, what new information does Grann contribute to solving the mystery surrounding Fawcett’s disappearance?

  6. What are some of the more surprising, even shocking, accounts of jungle exploration you found in this work?

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