Me Earl and the Dying Girl Review

Book Review


  1. The author often talks to the reader and switches narratives; do you find this writing style enjoyable? Why or why not?
  2. Do you feel that the book becomes more personal with this type of writing style? Explain
  3. “So if this were a normal book about a girl with leukemia, I would probably talk a shitload about all the meaningful things Rachel had to say as she got sicker and sicker, and also probably we would fall in love and have some incredibly fulfilling romantic thing and she would die in my arms. But I don’t feel like lying to you. She didn’t have meaningful things to say, and we definitely didn’t fall in love.” So with that being said how would you describe the friendship Greg and Rachel shared?
  4. Rachel decides to stop her treatment; do you believe this was admirable or a selfish act?
  5. How does Rachel’s death differ from that of characters in similar books?

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