If I Stay Review

Review Questions

1. Mia’s grandparents each play an influential role in her life. What do each of them give her? How are these relationships similar? Different? How have they influenced Mia’s father?
2. Mia has two important peer relationships in the story — with her best friend, Kim, and her boyfriend, Adam. Kim and Adam are distant with one another. Is Mia’s reaction to their coolness toward one another natural?
3. Discuss the meanings of “sacrifice” and of “choice.” How are they different? How are they similar?
4. How is Mia’s father a symbol for one person transforming his/her life for another? How does Gramps view his decision? Do Henry and Willow understand why Mia’s father wants to change?
5. What decisions must Adam and Mia consider? Are these choices or sacrifices?
6. Discuss the use of point of view in the story. To continue the first person, present tense, point of view introduced in the opening scene, the writer has Mia narrate the story in an unusual way. Why might the author have chosen this technique instead of writing from third person point of view?


Additional Discussion Questions



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