The 5th Wave Review

Review Questions


  1. Why do the Others need psychological and technological warfare?
  2. In what ways are humans like the Others?
  3. How is Manifest Destiny similar to the Others’ takeover of the Earth?  How does the American concept of Manifest Destiny differ?
  4. 4. Describe how THE 5th WAVE demonstrates that there is more to life than mere survival.
  5. THE 5th WAVE suggests that humans need other humans. When their families are gone, the kids bond with each other. Initially, Cassie insists that the only way to survive is to be alone. Describe incidents in the novel that give evidence that humans are social creatures.
  6. The US military has just changed its policy to allow women to participate in combat. Cassie and Ringer are characters that certainly demonstrate that females are adept at war and mortal combat.  Are Cassie and Ringer realistic characters in this regard?


Additional Discussion Questions

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