Homemade Donuts

What you will need:

1     package of Pillsbury biscuits (7.5 ounce – 10 biscuits each)
2-3 cups vegetable oil
1    container Pillsbury milk chocolate frosting
3    tablespoons sugar
½ tablespoon cinnamon


In 10 inch pan add vegetable oil make sure it is about 1 inch deep and turn heat to medium. Let oil warm up, after about 5 minutes check temp by dropping a small pea sized piece of biscuit dough into oil, if it floats to top and starts bubbling the oil is ready.

Poke holes into each biscuit with your finger then place into oil.

Donuts 1.png

Once donuts start to brown flip them over with tongs.


When both sides are golden brown remove using tongs and place on a plate with paper towels to drain extra oil.

Donuts 3.png

Let cool then frost with chocolate frosting or mix cinnamon and sugar in bowl and coat donuts.


sig 4

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