Canvas Art

Canvas Art B

How to turn a canvas board into a beautiful work of art using scrapbook paper

Supplies you will need:

Flower Project

  • 16 x 20 Canvas Board ( any size will work just cut shapes accordingly)
  • Mod Podge
  • Mod Podge Brush
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Old Gift Card
  • Round Cover ( for tracing)
  • Pen
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • Scrapbook Paper (4 colors and either 2 large pages or 4 small pages)
  • 4 Cut Shapes for Pedals (different sizes)

Flower Project 1

Pick 4 coordinating colors of scrapbook paper for your flower, an easy way to find coordinating colors is buying a book of paper rather than craft store open stock sheets.

*Tip use the thick cover sheet of the book of paper to cut your 4 sized pedal shapes.

flower project  2

Depending on where you place the center circle of your flower you may need less than this, however is better to have more to work with then not enough.

flower Project 3.png

Take your blank 16 x 20 canvas and paint it completely black make sure to cover all the sides and edges as well and let dry. ( use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process)

flower project 5.png

Lay out your shapes a head of time so you can make sure you have the flower exactly where you want it. Once you have everything where you want it get gluing! Don’t be discouraged if the pedals do not stick perfectly you just need to make sure they stay put until you cover it with Mod Podge.

flower project side 7.png

Fold paper over edges and glue these down as well

flower project 8.png

flower project 9

Once you have all the pedal shapes glued where you want them you can start to apply the Mod Podge

flower project 10.png

I would recommend using the Mod Podge brush over a regular paint brush. The Mod Podge brush has a firm smooth bristle that works well for craft projects like these.

Pour a small amount of the Mod Podge on a disposable plate (Mod Podge will harden and be extremely hard to remove so make sure what ever you use is disposable)

flower project 11

Dip brush evenly in the Mod Podge and brush onto canvas. Start with smaller sections sometimes the larger pieces of paper tend to bubble and smaller sections allows you to fix them before the dry

flower porject 12

Have your card handy this is a great tool to help smooth out the bubbles

flower project 13.png

You can also use your fingers to push down the bubbles or edges that are having a hard time sticking.

Once you have covered the entire canvas board with Mod Podge and let it dry…

You will have a beautiful canvas that you can hang on the wall or give as a gift!

flower project 14.png

*Tip save your shape cut outs for future projects!


2 thoughts on “Canvas Art

  1. Trista Schulz

    I love crafts and im getting into painting canvases using stencils can you possibly post something to help will keeping the stencil from moving. Thanks cousin ­čśë


    • Canvas painting is super fun! And the about stencils is they will always move and paint will always get under the cardboard and plastic! I try to stay away from stencils as much as possible. I find that if you do use stencils outline with a pencil first and remove the stencil and paint over or even free hand with the pencil.


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